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Evolve your Plumbing Business with Sales

Good salespeople are not naturally talented, they have good strategies

Brandeis Plumbing Sales Solutions has put a sales training package together to help your sales strategy explode and guide you to close more leads successfully. This training covers everything from basic techniques through to advanced sales strategy and closing methods.

To design the plumbing program Paul Webb spent 14 days in the field doing “ride-alongs” with top producing plumbers throughout North America. He constantly changes the material to stay current for today’s competitive markets.

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Referrals are not a growth strategy

Revolutionise your plumbing business with sales

Master each of these sales techniques with Brandeis Plumbing Solutions and see your business explode!

"There is no easy money tree in the world. Only the best sales training will see your plumbing business grow and become profitable."

Jeff Brandeis

Plumbing Sales Training

Find the right sales package to fit your business

Plumbing Sales Mastery

Brandeis Training Package
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  • Identify a Persons Learning Style
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Learning Eye Cues
  • How People Dress
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinestic Learning Styles
  • Plumbing Upsell Techniques
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We also offer extensive onsite training solutions

Brandeis Students Can Close

$2800 up sale from a technique used from this class. He went on a slab leak and the customer was visual based by what she said, so I knew ‘you can’t tell her, you have to show her’, so then I showed her about the poly pipe she had for her water service. By the time I left it was a $2800 up sale and she said ‘You guys are the best!

Bill of DC Plumbing

I am sending this email to say thank you for all the training you gave us from Paul Webb.The training has helped my sales immensely!

  • During the training in January I realized a 6% increase! (started Paul Webb training)
  • During February I realized a 37% increase!
  • During March I realized a 148% increase! Wow! (Finished Paul Webb training)

These increases are a comparison to 2012 sales. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your part in helping me succeed. My personal goal in sales for 2013 is $500,000 I am on track at this point and expecting to exceed my goal, which at this point based on my current stats will be at $510,000! All of this is due to the training I’ve received from you and realizing the changes I need to make to be at the level I want to achieve.

Brian of Dutton Plumbing

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If digital sales training does not seem like the right thing for you, book a call with us and we can find something that suits or needs better. Be it onsite training or video sales coaching to advise on sales processes we have you covered.

"If you are not closing your leads your competition will"

Paul Webb

The Basics of a Sales Solution

A generalized sales funnel that can be applied to any plumbing business.

  1. Your first email, call, meeting or other contact.
  2. When you’ve determined a lead is serious and capable of making the purchase.
  3. When you’ve scheduled a full sales presentation, be it a demo or a written proposal.
  4. The point where you address customer concerns.
  5. When the purchase is made or contract is signed.

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Traits of Great Plumbers

Brandeis often gets asked to consult in hiring of the right salespeople for a company during which we always get asked the same question:

“What makes a great plumber great?”

Aside from the obvious answer of good training, a field in which Brandeis Training Solutions has a lot of experience; there are three that are significantly less obvious which significantly contribute to the effectiveness of a great salesperson. It is worth noting that all three traits can be significantly built on with a top-level sales training program allowing even greater heights to be reached.

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Want to know more?

Aside from our tailored training solution courses Brandeis Training Solutions also has a wide range of other group-based training solutions for you to take advantage of. We do live events, sales strategy blogs and will soon be launching additional online training solutions to further expand your mastery of the art of sales.

Online Courses

We offer a wide range of digital sales training courses with more options to come in the future.

Live Events

Attend one of our live training events where we teach you or your sales people the Art of Selling.

Sales Blog

Subscribe for our Sales Blog where we delve into different strategies, sales industry news and trends.

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